A mockery of police ranks by duo

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The National – Thursday, December 23, 2010

IT is surprising to see the acting police commissioner and his acting deputy police commissioner operations are actually wearing the ranks of a substantive police commissioner and deputy police commissioner respectively.
For them to wear substantive rank of commissioner and that of deputy commissioner is improper.
It is improper because their appointments were done on acting basis and not substantive appointments.
Assistant Commissioner of Police Tony Wagambie and Chief Supt Fred Yakasa can only wear the substantive ranks of commissioner and deputy commissioner only when they are confirmed and duly appointed as police commissioner and deputy police commissioner respectively.
What these two senior officers are doing is totally absurd and improper.
They are both setting deplorable precedents.
A question one will ask is that what happens when Wagambie and Yakasa are not confirmed or appointed as commissioner and deputy police commissioner respectively?
Will they revert to wear their previous positions?
If these two senior officers are allowed to wear acting ranks, then all police officers on acting positions (higher duty positions) must also wear the ranks of the positions that they are acting on.
Another point to note is that the Royal PNG Constabulary has only one position for police commissioner on the organisational structure.
When Wagambie wears the commissioner’s rank, then technically the constabulary has two police commissioners, because Gari Baki is still the substantive police commissioner, who is on suspension.
What merit is there for both Wagambie and Yakasa to wear their acting ranks?
They are making an absolute mockery of the ranking system of the RPNGC.
Can someone in the police hierarchy or one of the so-called veteran police officers clarify this matter for the benefit of everyone?

Confused citizen
Via email