A new lease of life for Emmanuel


HIGH school dropout Emmanuel Kris is glad to be given a new lease of life.
He thanks the Ginigiada Foundation for teaching him life-skills training. Emmanuel, 22, from Kairuku, Central, did not complete Grade 9 in 2014 because of school fee problems.
After five years away from school, he came across the Ginigoada Foundation which provided life skills training for young people like him. He is the elder of two siblings.
“I have been looking for jobs but with lack of skills and knowledge, I have to at least have some form of life skills training to get a job.”
He had attended the Ginigoada training before and wanted to pursue another course.
“It was not the course I prepared for but later into the training, I realised that the customer cares skills training is very good and I was taught many new skills that even helped me personally.”
He learned how to approach customers and attend to their requests, how to handle a sad customer or an aggressive one.
“The training also built us up. I was a shy person always keeping with my peer groups and never opening up or having the confidence to talk to people. But this training has helped me a lot. I realised I have changed.
“I can talk to anyone even the big people and make new friends. Standing in front of other participants and giving a speech during the feedback season was a milestone for myself. I’m very thankful to Ginigoada for such training.
“It’s hard to express the feeling of excitement and appreciation I have for the foundation because they paved a future for me with only a K50 as course fee.”

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