A passenger’s posting on Facebook

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The National, Friday 03rd Febuary 2012

SELF-employed mechanic Philip Batari was on board the ferry mv Rabaul Queen when it sank with 350 passengers early yesterday morning in waters off Finschhafen, Morobe province.
The former Goroka Technical College student posted on his Facebook page at 12.38pm on Wednesday via his mobile phone that he was on board the ferry at Kimbe.
At 4.56pm, he posted a picture of waves breaking over the ferry and said: “Bloody avin a rough time at sea… on board Rabaul Queen..!!..:/”
At 5.05pm, he posted a second picture of huge waves as the ferry ploughed through the Solomon Sea.
At 5.33pm, his last posting to his page read: “M bloody experiancin the worse moment of my life…:((“
Among friends, Nyoka Kirori said on his wall today: “Bro, ur in my prayers!”
Nance Maisu Gerson said: “Definitely GOD’s guiding angels are with Phil and he is under GODS wing of protection.”
Risz Gores said: “Our good Lord will keep you safe.”