A reason for women to be happy


THE PNG Women’s Business Resource Centre in Port Moresby is managed by the Centre for International Private Enterprise (Cipe).
The centre has been operating since 2016 and it helps women in business and supports women’s economic empowerment in the country.
According to country director Eli Webb, the Australian and the United States governments help with funding.
Australian High Commission gender counsellor Andrew Egan said that a key feature of the “long and enduring” partnership between Papua New Guinea and Australia was providing investments that support programmes that help women and girls realise their full potential.
“Key part of that is thinking about how to protect women and girls from violence and the other is investing in economic empowerment,” he said.
He said the women’s centre was a key part of Australia’s effort to economically empower women.
“We believe that strong women lead to a strong Papua New Guinea and the centre is one of our most important investments that we are making in the country.
“We are investing through our Pacific women programme, which works with Cipe as a key funder to support the centre and we’ve funded over A$2 million (K4mil) over a number of years to support the centre,” Egan said.
American Embassy economic officer Wendy Kolls said there was a lot that was still missing that needed to be done in terms of women’s economic empowerment in the country.
“That’s why we are doing what we can to support women who are trying to improve their education level, trying to get involved
with business and activists,” she said.
“This clearly shows there is more to be done.”
Meanwhile, Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce Industry president Rio Fiocco said the centre provided valuable training for women, but there was a greater need for more women to be involved in the economy and learn entrepreneurial skills.
“It helps the women to participate in economy to earn income so they can in turn look after their families,” he said.
“This type of facilities are good for the city and other major centres across the country.”