A schoolboy’s tribute to Somare

The National, Friday July 8th, 2016

 By Jonathan Konowana
SOMARE is a name well known throughout this country.
From the most remote parts of Papua New Guinea to the urban areas, from the mouths of little children to very old people, the name Somare, when spoken, commands respect and honour.
People all over the world go far and wide in search of inspiration and motivation.
In order to be inspired and motivated, one has to obtain knowledge from someone else’s experience.
One becomes a role model when one admires certain characters, philosophical ideology or the achievement of another person.
A legend is a story that is passed down from generation to generation, either verbally, through chants or songs, or even dances.
PNG is a land of a thousand tribes, languages and cultures.
How does one unify and set a benchmark of unification in harmony?
I (Morobe) want to take this time to acknowledge this great person.
To knowledge seekers, he (Somare) is the literal inspiration and motivation.
To the politicians and aspiring politicians, he is the respectable role model.
To the school age children, this man is the living legend.
To the nation, he is the founding father of a nation.
Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare, we in Morobe have a special connection with you and you will always be our pride.
For you to be with us today is not a mistake.
On behalf of all school-age children in Morobe, we wish you the very best in your career after politics and a belated 80th birthday greeting from us all.
We thank you for everything.
What you have done for this nation and the benchmark you have set will go a long way in years to come.
May good Lord continue to bless you and bless us all.

n Jonathan Konowana is the headboy of Lae Secondary School