A shame to clip OC powers

Letters, Normal

IT is a shame and the slap in the face for the people of Papua New Guinea when the world read about the corrupt leaders of this nation removing the powers of the Ombudsman Commission for their own gains.
All the leaders who voted for this law of our nation are like small babies, who want to get something but they cannot, so the only way is to break the teeth of our watchdog, the Ombudsman Commission.
Government and Opposition members are the same, all corrupt.
When one section of the law is removed, the Constitution is threatened, because one day, a stupid MP will come up with his or her bill to remove another law. 
What good is there for the future generations?
An annual K10 million is disbursed to MPs, but we have not seen anything that is tangible.
The Chief Ombudsman must be commended for upholding his integrity to serve the interest of the people of Papua New Guinea.


Strongpela Enga