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PRIME Minister James Marape yesterday welcomed the 18 MPs who rejoined the Government from the Opposition, saying “there is no hatred and animosity”.
The 18 gave him the leverage to pass the 2021 national budget, and then adjourn Parliament to April next year.
“I’m comforted that I’m surrounded by leaders who want to put the interest of their country ahead of others,” he said.
“There is no hatred and animosity. For us to regroup, the 18 have taken our numbers to 70.”
Among the 18 was his former deputy Sam Basil who had defected with others to the Opposition during the Nov 13 Parliament sitting.
“Welcome back. No one has taken your place,” Marape told Basil, who was his deputy and National Planning and Monitoring Minister.
But Marape was reluctant to say whether Basil or any of the Cabinet ministers who left without warning would be included in the new Cabinet line-up he is expected to announce today.
He said the decision on who would be in Cabinet and who would be the Deputy Prime Minister was for the Government caucus meeting today to make.
“It (Deputy PM seat) has been vacant for the past four weeks,” he said.
“We will reorganise Cabinet and after that, we will see where the DPM position goes. He (Basil) is a senior MP and deserves to sit in the second chair in the house.”
Marape himself went to bring Basil from where he was sitting in the Government benches to come and sit next to him in Parliament, a seat reserved for the Deputy PM.
Basil, the leader of the United Labour Party, was pressured by trade union leaders on Tuesday to return to the Government.


  • Yep, that’s good.!
    I would like to advise the good and true Right Honorable Prime Minister James Marape to give back the deputy prime minister seat to Sam Basil, as a true gesture of honor.
    But otherwise, decision stap lo hands blo NEC.
    Wanbel stap.! Wok mas go yet, taking back PNG and making it rich. I believe in that.
    God is good all the time, and all the time, God is good.


    Nice to see that leaders are apologising to each other yesterday after parliament session.

    God is in control. Say Amen if you agree.

  • Relief?????Good??????? The Ombudsman Commission should investigate and crucify these kind of idiots who yoyo around and hold this country to ransom for 4 weeks!! Aren’t they even show some form of remorse for the suffering millions of this country?? God help this poor country!!

  • The Nation APPLAUDS those 18 who crossed over yesterday. As was stated by our PM “there is no hatred and animosity”, Yes, the 18 have responded well to the nation’s CALL to JOIN THE CURRENT GOVERNMENT which they DID. Congratulations to our MP’s who stood tall in trying times in the GOVERNMENT SIDE and YESTERDAY was a VICTORY for YOU and those of US who were FOR this GOVERNMENT have celebrated in our own little ways THANKING GOD for HIS INTERVENTION.

  • so now they know that what they did is not in the interest of the majority in PNG.

    heads down and time to get back to taking back PNG from greedy outsiders taking all our resources leaving us empty.

  • Yep, well done Mr. Marape, well, deserved. In the history of PNG, I think you are the only PM in PNG government that has tried to make a difference in our country & prevent corruption at all levels in PNG society. No matter what has happened, what other people said, and made up false stories about your leadership at the same time, it was all a test of faith, after all.

    I hope we always get another PM like you for this country, PNG.

    Finally, you are (Mr. Marape) probably the only PNG PM that makes decision with transparency.


    MBP, Alotau

  • The Nation APPLAUDS the 18 MPs who crossed over the floor of Parliament YESTERDAY, as was stated by PM JM “there is no hatred and animosity”. Those 18 MPs have responded well to the nations CALL TO JOIN THE GOVERNMENT and they DID. CONGRATULATIONS to those MPs who were with the GOVERNMENT and endured the tried times rejoiced YESTERDAY as a VICTORY for YOU and the NATION. We celebrated in our own little ways THANKING GOD FOR HIS INTERVENTION.

  • Nick Kuman looks like you are a lip frog jumping from PNC and now to PANGU . Kaikai man. we Gumine knows who will change you in 2022

  • PP, n all members of WSP/Sandaun Province pls stop playing petty politics n good back to your districts n see for ur self how ur people have suffered for 20 o so many yrs, if highlands members can stand n talk about Okul highway from Waterrais junction between Madang n Lae, how comes PP cant open his mouth n talk about roads in Lumi/Aitape frm Matapau to Vanmo, Aitape to Lumi, Warasikau to Karaitem linking to Serah n Vanimo n Karatei/Fatima loop road n Aitape Kitawali road n Yelbu, Kefange n Wenif Bridges others. 20yrs is too much n so many of this project’s should be completed within 10yrs n PP has done nothing in 20yrs for people of Aitape/Lumi. Thanks concern citizen of Olo country.

  • Baiwa let me tell you more of mp Nick Kuman,he is a real hero of ‘NERE TERE’ (give & take) system which normally plays in the highland during election period’s,non any intending candidate for Gumine can play monies like what mp Nick kuman used to do….just wait and see for yourself comes around 2022..

  • Dear Ombudsman, the members wasted 4 weeks camping out in hotels and having a fantastic time with nice meals, comfortable accommodation all for nothing but yet on the public moni pay roll. They were doing their own thing, personal stuff they should not be getting salaries. They got paid salaries for doing nothing. God bless PNG

  • Angra Bomai, ka dingi kuno paikruma kondo….NERE TERE (give & take) will not take Gumine anyway. We should be educating our people to vote for leaders who can talk and fight for the people they represent.

  • Those vanimo holiday goers wasted 4 wks plus where did the get the holiday money from??
    Did Basil really mean to come back or??
    Maybe 1, he lost the vote of why he went there fore or
    2, because of the wokers unions demand
    What if he was voted alternate PM*&%$#@!???
    PM JM think before giving DPM, even those yoyos who were holding ministeries , otherwise some of them did really well like previous Foreign aff MP,
    THINK OF THE FAITHFULL MPS who stood with you thru thick and thin, any MPs can be minister’s they are all mandated by people not only recycled ones , its also good to have opposition inplace for checks & balances, respect also goes to senior state MPs Marrat &Lelang who are in opposition. PMJM you have few months to carry on your work TBPNG, but please reconsider HELP for HECAS in higher education ,,

  • Kuman one of the worst candidate out from Simbu in history. Even the kerowagi no. Seek advise from kerenga kua before you move as e is smatter than you.

  • Thank you Hon Sam Basil. You heard the people’s voice.
    We want the country to move forward.

  • Poor BN, PP and PO, they were too blind and did not see it coming. They thought they had the faith and loyalty of the 18 yoyos and BN goes to every media to preach it. Even the Vanimo camp went as far as nominating him as alternate PM. SB was welcomed back to Government by PMJP and escorted back to his seat next to PM.
    The world came crashing down on their dreams and aspirations to be in Government for the remaining term.
    Surely those MPs that remained in Government after the break away would be seriously deciding if the 18 gurus were wholeheartedly accepted back but is too late for another VONC. Politics is interesting perhaps…

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