A two-tier system is the best

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The National

I REFER to report “Leaders to choose from three political government options” (The National, Aug 13).
This presentation was made by by the National Strategic Planning task force led by Prof David Kavanamur. 
Prof Kavanamur and his team did a wonderful job to bring this to the attention of governors and National Executive Council at the national summit in Lae.
Members of the task force have some of the best brains in PNG. 
Prof Kavanamur is an internationally recognised system thinker on a non-linear approach to solve any given problem. 
Daniel Kapi, deputy chairman, has committed his entire life to serve the interest of the nation.
Allan Bird, if he did not become a businessman, would have been one of PNG’s first rocket scientists.
I am sure the National Planning Committee knows very well which is the best system but one common feature I have observed amongst the best brains is that they usually take time to listen to other people’s views even if they are not bright ideas. 
As such, I call on the governors and NEC to explore the options and come up with the best system.
Of the three political governments, I think the best political system is the first option – a two-tier system. 
In this system, we will have the National Government and local level government; we do not need the provincial government as it is an obstacle to development and national unity.
A centralised system of political government is the best option for the country.
In the two-tier system, all legislative and administrative powers will be centralised with the national government while local governments will make administrative decisions affecting their wards and LLGs. 
Every Papua New Guinean will live to serve the interest of the nation and loyal to the State. 
We will achieve national unity, prosperity and happiness under the two-tier system. 
However, at present, many of the provinces will not be happy with the two-tier system but, in the long run, our children will be happy and prosperous.
Under a centralised system, our bureaucracy will serve under one government, which is the national government. 
At the moment, we have two sets of employees, those employed by provincial administration and those employed by national government. 
We must have one work force that is employed by the national government to serve its sole purpose only when the provincial government is eliminated.
The second option, the three-tier system, must be rejected outright as it is the major source of national disunity and major impediment to service delivery to rural population. 
This system is not suitable for a nation with 867 different languages and tribes.
The third option, bicameral house of Parliament, which houses senate or the upper house, comprises of all governors. 
Under this system, we will not achieve national unity, happiness and prosperity because provincial leaders will serve provincial interest at the expense of national interest. 
I have written several times and argued that best political system or government for PNG is one that is centralised. 
When we have a centralised system of Government like the two-tier system, we will truly live as one people, one solwara and nation.
The three-tier system and bicameral system will not facilitate national prosperity, happiness and unity. 
They will foster national disintegration and continue to serve as major impediment to national development. 
Please choose a system that will not serve one’s personal political interest but that will serve the collective interest of the 6.5 million people of PNG.


Mamando Aiyun-Pain