Abac ready to make recommendations

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THE Papua New Guinea Apec Business Advisory Council is ready to make its recommendations to the minister’s forum, according to Apec Coordination Authority director-general Sir Charles Lepani.
Sir Charles told the council symposium yesterday that food security was vital to everyone in the region.
“It is essential that we develop ideas and actions that will secure food and fisheries availability for decades in the future,” he said.
“The concept behind the summit is to review and understand the long-term developments in food and fisheries supply and demand in the decades ahead, and the various factors that will influence the forces and the prices that growers and consumers will face.
“Abac and Apec is now in a position to make recommendations to leaders to ensure efficiencies in food and fisheries production and management to increase productivity through the application of technology and innovation.
“Use resources wisely and to management resources in a sustainable way and to promote investment in the agriculture and fisheries areas and to remove barriers in investments.”
Sir Charles said the outcomes were important to all members of Apec.
He said the government of PNG was pleased to see the engagement of the private sector through the council and working in collaboration with the Apec Coordination Authority.

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