Abal applauds decision by family

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The National – Wednesday, June 29, 2011

ACTING Prime Minister Sam Abal yesterday praised and thanked the Somare family for making known their considered decision to retire their father, Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare, from public life.
He described the announcement by the family, through Arthur Somare of their desire to retire their father, given his state of health, as “the greatest and ultimate respect and affirmation of dignity” to their father.
“It signifies the ending of a great and historic chapter of PNG’s independence and short development history.
“It has not been easy for Lady Veronica and the children but their combined strength and courage, in living through their lives with Sir Michael at the helm of both the family life and of politics, is truly trying,” Abal said.
“I thank Lady Veronica, their mother, for her support for the Grand Chief during his entire life in politics and the strength of the family that has seen this chapter of PNG’s history.
“I thank the children Sana, Betha, Arthur, Dulciana, Michael Junior and all the grand children and spouses of the family for having taken this monumental and courageous decision to retire this nation and our dad, grandfather and in-law  from active politics,” he said.
“I pay homage and salute Sir Michael for everything he has done to bring our nation this far.
“His state of health has been trying for the family. But their common resolve and strength as a family in announcing their desire for their father’s retirement gives solace and comfort to all of us. The news heals us greatly.”