Abal calls for end to political fight

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The National, Monday 30th January 2012

WABAG MP Sam Abal has called for urgent action to resolve the political impasse.
Abal said this after a handful of armed soldiers led by retired Col Yaura Sasa placed PNG Defence Force commander, Brig-Gen Francis Agwi and senior military officer at military headquarters at Murray Barracks under house arrest last Thursday.
Abal said there was an urgent need for Sir Michael Somare and Peter O’Neill to come together and resolve the situation.
“The people of this country cannot allow or accept the impasse to continue,” he said.
“We have always had the Melanesian way of resolving the most difficult conflicts such as Bougainville or internal situations and this can be done if both leaders agree to come to a table,” he said.
He said such situations could be quickly brought under control.
“I call on the leaders to make a move for the nation”.
He said one side felt the Constitution was supreme but that had been repeatedly ignored by the other that felt Parliament was supreme.
“Looking at our system it may be that it is time after 36 years to review it.
“We need to reconcile and devise a way through this but both sides must give and take to come to the table.
“I support the churches call for dialogue to begin where both sides can come together to resolve what is a political issue and not allow our policemen and soldiers to solve it for us,” Abal said.
“I gave up the deputy post in the Somare regime to allow for such a deal to be made.
“The dialogue must start now.”