Abal files for Supreme Court review

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The National, Monday October 28th, 2013


FORMER Wabag MP Sam Abal has applied to the Supreme Court to review a lower court’s decision to dismiss his election petition last July. 

Abal submitted three grounds in his application for the review. The seat was won by Robert Ganim during the 2012 general election.

Ganim’s lawyer, Adam Ninkama asked the court to dismiss Abal’s application on the basis that it did not comply with Supreme Court rules. 

Ninkama submitted that Abal’s application failed to attach documents required under the Supreme Court rules which included the order of the National Court.

Justice Salatiel Lenalia presiding as a one-man Supreme Court bench said both applications were contentious.

Lenalia said he would give a ruling on both applications next month. 

Ninkama said Abal’s leave application amounted to an abuse of process. 

The Electoral Commission said the ground of review sought by Abal was incompetent and inappropriate. 

Abal’s lawyer said copies of the National Court ruling were never given to him. 

He added that Abal’s application still complied with Supreme Court rules.