Abal launches corporate plan, disaster appeal

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Acting Prime Minister Sam Abal launched the Department of Prime Mi­nister and National Executive (NEC) Corporate Plan 2011-15, the 2011 Annual Work Plan and Kumul Di­saster Relief Appeal in Port Moresby yesterday.
Abal challenged all go­vernment agencies to follow the PM’s Department and NEC and draw their own corporate plans.
“All government agencies and departments must own and form a corporate plan,” he said.
He said the purpose of the corporate plan was to provide:
* A statement of the priorities the department will need to address during the next five years;
* A clear sense of direction to the management and staff of the department in undertaking their work;
* An outline of the de­sired outcomes and broad strategies to be pursued by the department in achie­ving its corporate objectives; and
* A basis for monito­ring, measuring and repor­ting performance of the department.
“Opportunities are now opening up in this nation and Papua New Guineans in every walk of life are looking for that opportunity, which is why the go­vernment must be led by visions and plans,” Abal said.
“First, they said nobody wanted to come but now everybody wants to come to PNG.
“Take ownership be­cause the time we are in does not require us to be complacent with the affairs of this great nation, be­cause if we are, then we will lose all our resources,” Abal said.
“Other government agen­cies must put together corporate plans in view of the government’s vision.
“We must plan to bring development.
“As an open trading economy, we need to be competitive in the market.
“We must lead the private sector as government, politicians and bureaucrats,” he said.
“We must strive to come up to international standard and, if we do everything on time, then everything else will follow.
“That is our approach and that’s my appeal as this is our first year of implementation,” he said.
Thanking the organisers and United church’s Bi­shop Edea Kidu who blessed the corporate plan and the Kavieng Group for the performance, Abal said by putting God ahead in the programme, PNG was in good stead.
“We are now able to make plans because of stability in government and we thank God.
“We, the politicians, are trying to bombard this ship of saints but the saints have kept the ship afloat,” Abal said.
He thanked leaders from village level to the government for being resilient in the 36 years since independence.
Abal launched the Ku­mul Disaster Relief Appeal (KDRA) and personally pledged K5,000.
“KDRA is an initiative of Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare to give to nations that face great na­tural disasters and need our help,” he said.