Abal: PM stable and recovering

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The National, Tuesday, May 17, 2011

PRIME Minister Sir Michael Somare is in a stable condition and recovering at the intensive care unit of a Singapore hospital after his two operations, acting Prime Minister Sam Abal has assured the nation for the second time in the past week.
“In a day or so, he (Sir Michael) will leave the ICU and go into the general patient care section of the hospital,” Abal said in a media conference yesterday afternoon.
The briefing followed last weekend’s second set of rumours that spread via mobile phones and calls and alleging Sir Michael had died.
A similar rumour was spread the previous weekend.
Abal, accompanied by Attorney-General Sir Arnold Amet and PM’s special adviser Sumasi Singin, said he was concerned about such baseless rumours.
He said because of the continuing rumours “it was proper” he again updated the people of PNG on the state of the PM’s health.
“I want to announce and let the people of PNG know that the situation has not in any way changed,” he said.
“As far as the statement that I made to cabinet (yesterday morning) concerning the PM’s health; the situation is still the same.
“He has gone through the operations and he is still in ICU but is expected to leave it in a day or so.”
Abal called on people not to spread baseless and malicious rumours.
“Give it a break. The PM has undergone two operations and is recovering; he deserves this consideration and respect while he recovers,” he said.
Abal thanked people who were praying for Sir Michael’s recovery and asked them to continue their praying.
“I want to, on behalf of himself and his family and the government as well, thank Papua New Guineans for their constant praying for him. And, I ask them to continue to pray for him.”