Abal: Progress made on Vision 2050

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The National , Monday, May 30, 2011

THE government’s Vision 2050 has made some progress since its launching in November 2009, acting Prime Minister Sam Abal said.
He said this in parliament last Friday when giving a progress report on the Vision 2050.
He said he had taken full charge of the implementation of the vision and, so far, much work had taken place.
He said the government’s proposed model for service delivery consistent with Vision 2050 had been finalised.
He said a service delivery mechanism model had been developed following a review of the experiences of five trial provinces of Central, Chimbu, Madang, Milne Bay and West Sepik.
He said all recommendations that came out from the service delivery team had been taken into account in the final submission, together with highlights on the roles of major service providers such as the churches and the private sector.
He said taking into account all the issues, experiences and lessons learned in the provinces, an integrated service delivery mechanism model would be recommended.
He said the recommended model had three components – to simplify, revitalise and unify government service delivery structure, systems and processes, fund district enabling environment such as electricity, water, communication, staff housing, transport, office space and facilities and law and fund community grants to empower communities to take part meaningfully in their own development.
Abal said the Vision 2050 was the most significant policy reform ever mounted by a government and many new reforms had taken place while others had yet to be done.
He said the reforms sought to restore the integrity of state institutions and remove obstacles to investment and growth.
He said the focus was on improving public sector institutions, economic and financial management, respect for the rule of law, investment and resources development, partnership arrangements and reforms to the political structures and processes at the three tiers of government.