Abal promises to pay Ahi people

Lae News, Normal


The government has promised that the Ahi people’s land issues in Lae city will be fast-tracked and they will be remunerated accordingly.  

The Ahi people from Butibam, Kamkumung, Wagang and Yalu, are traditional landowners of the land on which Lae city is located who for years have sought recognition and ample compensation for the use of their land.  

About 40 representatives were at the Lae International Hotel on Monday to seek an audience with acting Prime Minister, Sam Abal, who promised that compensation would be paid to them soon. 

Landowner construction company, Ahi Sieng, in partnership with Dekenai Constructions, were also at the meeting to protest the fact that they had not been allocated funding to complete sections of the road at the busy Huon Road.

They also protested that they were not considered in the awarding of new road contracts but were assured that more road projects were coming up and they would be considered along with other bidding firms.

Abal and Treasury Minister, Peter O’Neill who was also at the Lae meeting promised Ahi Sieng and Dekenai that a cheque for K5 million would be ready by the end of the week for them to complete their work.