Abal recalls secretaries and ministers to strategise

National, Normal

The National – Monday, January 3, 2011


THE acting Prime Minister Sam Abal has recalled all departmental heads and state ministers from their Christmas break to plan and discuss plans to implement this year’s K9 billion budget.

A source within the Prime Minister’s office told The National that the acting prime minister had recalled all the department secretaries and ministers for an important meeting to be held on Jan 7-8.

He said the acting PM expects the budget to implemented without delay and therefore all departments were to come up with three impacted project plans to be implemented this year.

The source said that Abal wanted to make sure that strategies and plans are in place to guide each department to implement this year’s budget.

Abal said earlier that this year is going to be a year of implementation where all plans, like the medium term development plan 2010-15, the vision 2050 and programmes, are to be fully implemented.

However he said that the government plans and programmes could not become a reality if preparation and strategies are not in place.

He said that the New Year would also be a year for him as acting PM to look at the gun report and find ways to address the gun- related incidences in the country.

He said his aim was to make sure peace is maintained and that the environment was conductive for investors.

Abal said that his most important task as minister for Works was to work closely with the department and look at and improve all major road networks.