Abal: Sacking cops and soldiers wrong

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The National, Thursday 17th November 2011

FORMER deputy prime minister and Wabag MP Sam Abal has warned the government not to abuse its powers by sacking police officers at this time.
He said the government should not destroy the police force and army by sacking other low-ranking officers too.
Abal was reacting to stories about the cabinet decision to sack the acting police commissioner and his deputy if they did not sack officers below them.
“Such actions are
unacceptable and meddling with our state institutions for the selfish interest of the government,” he said.
Abal appealed to Prime Minister Peter O’Neill to be responsible and assure the public as this would show that this government was careless and reckless.
He also thanked the police and army for wisely dealing with the current situation to
protect the people and the Constitution.
“The police or the army should never take sides and any police personnel, who has a sworn duty to uphold the Constitution, should immediately stop the wrong actions,” he said.