Abal urges critic to await results

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The National, Wednesday July 4th, 2012

MEMBER for Wabag and deputy opposition leader Sam Abal has denied claims by an opposing candidate that he was using undue influence during polling.
Abal said the media comments by candidate Isaac Lupari was a tactic used to discredit him.
“My character is clear to the people of Wabag.
“I have been elected three times because of my leadership qualities.
“Wait for the counting to start and do not throw rubbish at me,” Abal said last night.
He said Lupari must wait for the counting to start and end before making such comments.
“Counting is scheduled to start tomorrow (Wednesday) and the nation will know whether Lupari or myself had been rejected by the people of Wabag.
“I urge him to stop being a puppet.
“If he has any allegations, he has to prove it through proper channels,” Abal said.