Abandoned boys still waiting for parents


A PASTOR in Jiwaka is still waiting for the parents of two boys he is looking after to come and take them home.
PNG Christian Fellowship pastor Thomas Norum, from Kimil in North Waghi, said he was disappointed with the parents of Daniel, 10, and Sammy Hulape, 7.
Norum said their father allegedly left them in Mt Hagen and returned to Port Moresby in 2013.
The two boys were billeted by families in the settlements initially.
Norum said he could not understand why the biological parents could neglect their children like that.
“I have contacted the mother and father of the two boys and they are not making any serious effort to take back their children,” he said.
“It’s really bad for the children to be looked after by other people.
“Under the Child Protection Act, police or any authorities in Port Moresby must help to reunite these two school-aged kids with their parents.”
He said the two children want to see their parents.
“But the parents are not making any real effort to meet their kids, knowing that I am holding on to their kids,” he said.
The National managed to contact their mother who identified herself as Sandy from Chuave in Chimbu. She said she was a nurse but was no longer working.
She lives at 5-Mile in Port Moresby.
She said she and the children’s father, Kame Hulape, who lived in Gerehu, divorced about eight years ago.
“I called him but he hasn’t responded and is hiding from me,” she said. “At the moment I have no money. As soon as I find some money, I’m thinking of getting my children back.”
The father said he was in a remote place outside Port Moresby.