Abau voters will vote for Sir Puka


I REFER to the article titled “Time for a Change” by Frustrated Abau Natuna in The National (May 29, 2017).
All I can say in response is that if your frustrated writer wants the change to take place he should head down to Abau and participate in the election campaign.
The change can only be made by the people during the election and not by keyboard warriors staring at their computer screens in Port Moresby.
I’ve had the opportunity to observe the election campaign in the last two weeks and unfortunately those promoting a change like frustrated Abau Natuna are getting the cold shoulder.
Candidates promoting a change of leadership are not making much of an impact while according to social media Sir Puka Temu is going from island to island, village to village mostly partying with the people in anticipation of the victory after the voting takes place.
Abau voters have the benefit of experience 15 years ago, when the Magi Highway lay in shambles, when the Aroma Coast road was totally closed and people had to travel by sea to Port Moresby.
This was when Kupiano town was not functioning because there was no power and no communication. Now all this has changed.
You can travel on the Magi Highway and the Aroma Coast 24 hours, seven days a week power and communication to Kupiano town were restored as far back as 2004.
Now a district hospital is under construction for K18 million.
In recent years we’ve had a functioning District Development Authority managing the annual allocation of K10 million to the district to attend to the basic needs of the people.
That is why with this experience and hindsight, the Abau voters will once again vote for a tried and tested leader and accordingly they will give overwhelming support to Sir Puka for a record fourth successive term in the National Parliament.
Election Observer