Abel’s team denies unfair contest for seat

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday July 18th, 2012

CHARLES Abel’s election campaign co-ordinator says the MP’s actions spoke louder than words as they tried to dispel rumours about an unfair contest for the Alotau open seat.“In the past 32 years, no Alotau MP has worked like Charles did to deliver services. The people know this, that’s why they want him back,’’ chief campaign co-ordinator Lelena Metoa said.
“He brought services to areas where the government could not go and created history by walking from village to village to talk, eat and sleep with the people.“His actions speak louder than his words and he made it possible for all services to be delivered to all the seven LLGs.” Abel has worked in all seven LLGs of Alotau Urban, Huhu, Suau, Maramatana, Weraura, Makamaka and Daga.His team also included Gerard Lage, Dauis Raburabu, Goini Loko, Dickson Daduwe and Deputy Governor James Rebueni.“We come from different LLGs and have stood by Charles to make sure he gets his seat back, and people suspecting foul play are wrong,” Metoa said.“We have confidence in Charles that he is capable of continuing the good work he did during his first term in parliament.“Everyone on the wards he visited in those seven LLGs definitely wanted to see him back. That’s why he was collecting votes in all those ward.”