Abel certain Government will deliver


DEPUTY Prime Minister and Treasurer Charles Abel says the Government is committed to delivering the K14 billion national Budget in full.
He said he did not want to have to revise all the time.
“We have to deliver the Budget in totality. We have to drive the economy, drive cost measures and ensure that expenditures are met in a timely manner so that goods and services can be delivered effectively,” he said.
Abel received the Enga government’s budget of about K336 million from Governor Sir Peter Ipatas on Tuesday in Port Moresby.
Abel said a good way to fully deliver the national Budget was to fund uncompleted projects.
“It’s good to fund projects that are already established. We are not trying to start more projects,” he said.
“We should concentrate on completing projects that have already been started.”
He gave as an example the Surinki agriculture projects in Enga which the province jointly runs with Israel.
“We need to ensure that those funds are put into productive purposes to complete what we have already started. We have made significant investments that are already underway,” he said.
Only East New Britain, Enga and the Autonomous Bougainville Government have presented their 2018 budgets to Treasury so far.
Some provincial governments are still organising their assemblies to pass their budgets.
“It is good to present their budgets as soon as possible to get funding quickly,” he said.
“Of course you have to present your budgets to get funding. Without the budget, you can’t get funds for your projects.”

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