Abel: Govt trying its best to pay off debts

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Finance and Rural Development Minister Charles Abel, pictured, says the Government is doing its best to settle the outstanding K20 million owed to Apec service-providers.
Abel said they had the list of creditors who would be paid once the payment vetting process was completed.
“We are now going through most of the ones that are relatively clear. They have been paid but where there are questions, the State has to make sure that State money goes to valid claims,” he said.
“We don’t have money lying around.
“We are having to prioritise which unfortunately leads to rationing and there has to be delays in certain things.
“We have to ensure the tuition fee-free fund is paid, ensure money is there for medical procurement, our wages are paid and loan repayments are paid.”
Abel said while the Government was focusing on paying bills, it must also focus on collecting revenue.
“Each and every item in the revenue side of budget is collectable. There is no excuse,”he said.
“People must pay their dividends and the State will be able to fund its obligations.
“We did a lot of catch-up exercises on Nambawan Super payments, councillors’ allowances.
“We managed to pay functional grants to provincial governments last year.
“It was the first time in long time.”

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