Abel helps PMBL comp back to SJGS Indoor Complex


THE Papua New Guinea Men’s Basketball League (PMBL) returned to the Sir John Guise Indoor Stadium on Tuesday after the intervention of the former deputy prime minister Charles Abel.
PMBL chairman Alain Boussoungou said Finance and Rural Development Minister Abel had settled all payments for the venue hire.
The country’s premier basketball competition was held at the Taurama Aquatic and Indoor Centre last season.
Abel loves playing basketball in his free time and seeing the need, he came to rescue of PMBL.
Boussoungou said it was hard to secure support for the competition in the country but was relieved that the Alotau MP had stepped in to help the competition.
“Sports are not a money-making entity but the way the fees are charged for the use of all the sporting venues is expensive,” Bossoungou said.
Meanwhile, Bossoungou is disappointed that a board meeting called last week was cancelled due to poor turn out from the six franchises.
“We cannot continue to hold meeting after meeting only to cancel them due to poor turn out by the clubs,” he said.
“We will make a final call for the meeting to be held at the Sir John Guise Stadium on Thursday.
“It is welcome news for us that we will now make the Sir John Guise Stadium the home of basketball.
“Only two clubs out of the six have paid in full their K10,000 while the rest are yet to pay up.
“We’ve also set a ‘no pay, no game’ policy and we will not start the premier division until everyone does so.”