Abel submits acquittals


ALOTAU MP and Deputy Prime Minister Charles Abel submitted his acquittals for the district services grants last Friday to the Department of Implementation and Rural Development.
Abel commended the District Development Authority Administration for always submitting acquittals on time.
“We are trying our best to do the right thing and I will apply the same sort of attitude when it comes to the agencies at Treasury,” he said.
“Whether Internal Revenue Commission, Independent Consumer Completion Commission or Customs, National Economic Fiscal Commission, I will present all their acquittals and annual reports and financials shortly as soon as Cabinet endorses them because it’s very important,” Abel said.
Acting Secretary for Department of Implementation and Rural Development Aihi Vaki said District Services Grants were paid to MPs at K500,000 per electorate in both non-digressional and digressional grants.
It is not like the Provincial and District Service Improvement Programme fundings which can be increased or decreased by the government.
Vaki is working on a Cabinet submission to have the non-digressional and digressional grants put together.