Abel supports Simbu plan to develop hub for agriculture


DEPUTY Prime Minister and Treasurer Charles Abel supports the Shimbu provincial government’s move to develop Karimui as an agriculture hub.
Receiving Simbu’s K218,103,125 budget in Port Moresby yesterday, Abel said the national Government was encouraging provincial governments to develop economic projects to stimulate business and economic activities, improve their internal revenue and become self-reliant.
“I commend the Simbu government for presenting its 2018 budget,” he said.
“I always encourage provincial governments to come up with economic projects to stimulate business and economic activities within the province. The focus of the national Government in the 2018 Budget is to stimulate the economy. A funding of K100 million is available under an agriculture commercialisation fund and is parked at the National Planning Department.
“The challenge is on provincial governments to come up with their work plans properly in terms of driving economic projects, especially in the agriculture sector in their province and I support Simbu government’s plan to develop Karimui.”
Simbu administrator Joe Kunda said Karimui has a huge potential in agriculture.
“We have huge valleys with cash crops such as coffee, cocoa, vanilla and spices like cardamom and other fruits and vegetable growing there which we can commercialise,” he said. “The problem is road accessibility and the lack of national Government support.
“We are trying our best to connect Karimui by road but we still need government’s support.
“That is why we are proposing a Karimui Development Authority to ask for Government support to develop Karimui into a provincial agricultural hub.”

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