ABG: newspaper made biased and unprofessional comments

Islands, Normal

The National , Tuesday, May 31, 2011

THE Autonomous Bou­gainville Government (ABG) yesterday ex­pressed disappointment at an editorial comment published by one of the country’s newspaper last Friday describing it as “ex­­tremely biased and unprofessional comments”.
Referring to the Post- Courier editorial that ABG “is walking a tight rope” and is “caught in a corner when dealing with its former combatants”, Bougainville vice-president Patrick Nisira in a statement said ABG “does not need the irresponsible and biased reports of the media”.
He stressed the Bou­gain­ville government was committed to putting an end to the Konnou lo­calised conflict and the “sticky” issue of arms disposal.
“The peace agreement that binds Bougainville with PNG in the process of deciding Bougainville’s political future and ultimate peace for its people is a joint creation by both governments.
“Journalists reporting on Bougainville matters ought to be familiar with this agreement and the laws that give legal effect to the agreement and the situation on the ground before they put pen to paper to express their personal commentaries on important matters that affect this arrangement,” Nisira said.
He said that negative reporting had often caused more damage than good in efforts to unify the region.
Nisira said that journalists must consult the ABG instead of taking advantage of their power to express their own personal views.
“The media has failed time and time again.”