ABG gets K250,000 for food aid

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DEPUTY Prime Minister Sir Puka Temu gave K250,000 to the Autonomous Bougainville Government (ABG) president James Tanis and the Bougainville Regional Member Fidelis Semoso last Saturday, for relief assistance to islanders recently faced with food shortage during the Christmas and New Year period.
The cheque was handed to the two Bougainville leaders at the Buka Airport by Sir Puka after arriving from Port Moresby.
Later in a press conference, Sir Puka said the National Government remained committed to supporting the ABG and would continue to provide assistance.
He said he hoped that these monies would assist the ABG in its efforts to provide assistance to its people who have had prolonged food problems in the region.
Sir Temu said the National Government was aware and is trying to assists the people who are being affected by climate change throughout the country.
President Tanis assured the National Government that the funds would be administered by the administration to assist people who had food security problems in the region.
He said these funds were a relief to the ABG, which has been trying its best to assist the people during these difficult times.
Mr Tanis also said the funds would be used for what was intended and not to pay outstanding claims as other funds have been used in the past.