ABG now accepting election candidates

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WRITS for the Autonomous Bougainville Government (ABG) second general election were issued last Friday by the House of Representatives Speaker Andrew Miriki upon the advice of the Bougainville Electoral Commissioner Reitama Taravaru.
This means nominations for the elections are now open and will close on April 2.
ABG President James Tanis was the first nominated candidate for the presidential seat.
Two candidates for the Atolls seat, one candidate for the Mahari seat and  candidates for the Haku seats were also named.
Last Saturday, Hagogohe incumbent MP and Minister for Peace and Reconciliation Robert Hamal Sawa was nominated.
The Tsitalato seat saw the nomination of businessman Cosmas Sohia Ceetow.
Former Bougainville governor John Momis is expected to be nominated today along with with several other hopefuls.
Most candidates for the seats in central and south Bougainville will also receive nominations in their respective districts.
A total of 40 seats are up for grabs in this general election.
There are 33 single constituency seats, three seats for women representatives for north, central and south Bougainville.