ABG set for name change


THE Autonomous Bougainville Government is set to change its name to the Bougainville Constitutional Transitional Government to reflect the people’s vote for independence, says Post Referendum Dialogue and Consultation Minister Albert Punghau.
Punghau told The National that because majority (98 per cent) of the Bougainvilleans had voted in favour of independence in the referendum and the Bougainville government felt the need to change its name to reflect the overwhelming result.
“The name change by the Bougainville’s government is based entirely on the virtue of the majority of the Bougainvilleans who have voted for independence,” he said.
“Bougainville Constitutional Transitional Government simplified reflects Bougainville as the name of our island, Constitutional reflects on the constitution that governs us and Transitional reflects on the transition we are making to independence.
Punghau said the leaders were now mandated to consult on independence and will also see their constitution amended to reflect the name change.
“The people have voted out greater autonomy and a clear mandate on independence has given us the duty to consult over independence and nothing else,” he said.
“The transition government which will be formed after the 2020 election in June will be the government that will acquire all the powers from the former government and it will be the government that will take on consultations and ratifications.”
Meanwhile, the 40-day dispute period over the referendum results will lapse on Jan 20 and the Bougainville and PNG governments are looking forward to the consultations that will be made over independence which will be taken to the floor of the Parliament.

One thought on “ABG set for name change

  • Name is unwieldy: “Bougainville Independence Government” would be better to reflect the people’s vote for independence.

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