Absence of police chief hindering crime war


Northern needs a provincial police commander to effectively manage law and order problems, Governor Gary Juffa says.
Juffa confirmed receiving reports of violence and burning down of houses along the Morobe-Northern border in the Kira LLG.
“We’ve received reports of two murder cases as a result of the land disputes in the area.
“I’m working with the Sohe MP, Henry Jons Amuli to fund a police team to the area.
“We are working on a report to be sent to the Police Commissioner Gari Baki asking that he sends a team to the area,” Juffa said.
He said in relation to the charging of the provincial police commander Chief Inspector Lincoln Gerari, the police have their work to do.
“If the police are doing their investigations, then we have no say over what happens.
“My province needs a PPC and we need someone who can manage the province effectively and we are currently working on negotiating at the moment.
“I don’t’ think the province is inundated with law and order problems. That is an exaggeration, that’s not the case,” he said.
Northern and Popondetta has become a safe and peaceful place to live in, do business and move around.
“It’s just this particular area which is remote and has not had police services for a long time but we are working on resolving that issue now.
“As for the PPC and the policemen, that’s the police investigation that will go through the courts and they will then determine what happens in that instance,” Juffa said.