Absent from Parliament sessions


IT is about time disciplinary measures are taken to discipline MPs who are deliberately absent from parliament sessions.
Can the Parliament Special Privileges Committee start doing something about behaviours of members of parliament?
Take stock of all members and ministers who continue to stay away from parliament sessions.
Members are being elected by the people to represent them so they must be present to debate about issues of their electorate and country as a whole.
It seems that when parliament session is in progress, some seats from both sides of the house are empty.
This is a slap in the face especially to whom the member represents.
We want to see elected members debate and raise issues in the parliament.
Not to be seeing absent from parliament.
Can the prime minister discipline those who are absent from parliament session before talking about public servants’ performance?
Everything must start from parliament as you guys are the leaders.
As the saying going, ‘always follow the leader’ when the leader is right, everything will be right, when the leader is wrong, everything will be wrong.
So parliament should set the precedence for others to follow.

Former School Captain – Bota

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