Abuse of minors ‘sickening’

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ACTING Judge Laura Wawun-Kuvi says Papua New Guineans should read news reports and court judgments to see how sickening sexual abuse of children has become a regular offence in society.
“Whilst it is said that children are the future of a nation, I wonder what type of future this country will have when sexual abuse of minors continue to be perpetrated against our children,” she added.
Judge Wawun-Kuvi said this at the National Court in Waigani last Thursday when jailing a man 17 years for raping a 10-year-old girl in Port Moresby three years ago.
Orex Mea, 24, from Ihu’s Okapa’s village in Gulf, pleaded guilty to raping the girl on June 24, 2019, in her house.
Judge Wawun-Kuvi said such abuse of a child was a serious offence that violated the most intimate part of a child who trusted an adult.
“The girl’s impact statement demonstrates the trauma that continues to affect her daily life,” she said.
“Not only was she deprived of her childhood, but she also lives through her teenage years with fear and reservations.
“The facts in which Mea was guilty demonstrated that there was a degree of force he used to calm the girl and she had to bite his hand to break free from him.”
Judge Wawun-Kuvi said the offence happened in the girl’s house, a place she should have felt safe.
She added that Mea was in custody since his arrest on June 26, 2019, and deducted two years, 11 months and 28 days of time spent in custody.
Mea is to serve the balance of 14 years and two days in Bomana Prison with hard labour.
“Further suspension on the jail terms would not be appropriate as it is a serious and regular offence,” Judge Wawun-Kuvi added.
On June 24, 2019, Mea who the victim’s family friend and has been living with them, grabbed the girl by her hand when she went to get water from the refrigerator in their house, pulled her into the room and raped her.
She tried to shout but Mea covered her mouth and threatened to kill her.
Eventually, the girl bit Mea’s hand and, when he let her go, she got dressed, ran out and reported to her parents.