Abused women fed up, K300 fine for abusive men

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WIFE bashers and those who hurl abuse (including language) at women and girls at Kamali village in the Rigo district of Central are to be fined K300.
National Capital District Metropolitan Superintendent Perou N’dranou received the documents on behalf of Police Commissioner Gari Baki, who will support the new rule and assist women in Central.
Kamali Women’s Association representative Karo Sedrick said women in the village were fed up of abusive lives, husbands hitting wives, youths openly drinking homebrew and using abusive language at women and girls and sexual violence. The abuse had become a norm over the years but continued increasing, Sedrick said.
She said men who were caught would be given 24 hours to pay K300 and if they failed to do so, they would be allowed five days to pay up.
“Those who pay K300 will be dealt with the ward council and village magistrates,” she said.
“We want to make our village a better place to live in tomorrow.”
United Church pastor’s wife Nancy Tau said they were sick of seeing women being beaten up.
Tau said three men were caught last weekend for swearing at their wives in public.
“One has paid K300, other two were given five days to pay,” she said.
N’dranou said parents should start teaching their children good principles at home when they were young rather allowing them to roaming the streets and communities to learn bad habits,
“What they cause today reflects their own homes and upbringing,” he said.
“Women are very important in the society and needed in the country’s development.”

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