Abusive father to wait for ruling

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THE fate of a man charged with sexually assaulting his two daughters may be known at the end of the month.
Justice Panuel Mogish adjourned hearing after submissions by the prosecution and defence yesterday.
Justice Mogish said he would hand down his ruling either at the end of the month or early next month.
Chris Paru Bei of Nabuapaka in Kairuku, Central province, was alleged to have assaulted one daughter on Sept 21, 1999, and the other on April 9, 2007.Both were teenagers when they were allegedly abused.
Bei’s wife also testified how the accused had locked her and one of the daughters in their room, threatened them with an axe and knife, and raped them.
She said the daughter locked in with her was in Grade Five.
Daniel Mark, who was prosecuting, told the court that Bei was a violent and possessive man.
Mr Mark also explained the two girls did not report the incidents as they were scared of him and over the years, they had been subjected to numerous sexual assaults and beatings.
Counsel Richard Yombon argued that the daughter’s statements were inconsistent, however, Justice Mogish said different people could recall an incident in slightly different ways.