Accepting criticism


MEMBERS of Parliament as elected leaders of their people are subjected to public criticism.
Nelson Mandela wrote: “If a leader cannot accept criticism then he/she is not fit to be leader”.
I admire Prime Minister Peter O’Neill’s leadership for just one thing and that is accepting criticism.
Over the years he had being criticised publicly by the general public and even the MPs but he normally handles every situation with total calmness.
Even Sam Basil who is now complaining of being ridicule and criticised by Bryan Kramer was the prominent figure who used to criticise O’Neill.
If he was a true leader like O’Neill, he should have just accepted it.
If O’Neill can forgive and accept him into the government by giving him a ministerial position why not do likewise to your brother MP?
Kramer is a first time MP, a very bold and a no-nonsense MP.
I admired his leadership for his boldness and courage to swim against the strong tides and I believe he will progress successfully in his political carrier.

Ps Chris Pati
SSY Annalist

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