Access to clean water made easier


MORE than 500 people in the Hebaiya village of Nipa-Kutubu district, Southern Highlands, will now have access to clean and safe drinking water – thanks to Oil Search.
Oil Search’s community affairs, local government officials and the local community on Wednesday launched phase two of a drought-relief programme which saw the opening of a Hebaiya water project.
Officiating at the launch, the general manager of stakeholder engagement, Leon Buskens, said that the project stemmed from the 2015-16 drought that affected many people.
“We started here as a template and from this village we can duplicate it around our project area, as we saw in the drama performed by the locals with the theme water is life – clearly evident of the importance of water in our communities,” Buskens said.
“For Oil Search, we’re pleased to be able to give back to our villages and communities in our project area.”
Lake Kutubu LLG president John Kila  expressed his appreciation to Oil Search for the project saying that it would benefit the people and urged them to look after it.
Village representative Harasi Harase said: “It is a dream, something that we really needed and now we have it.  On behalf of the community of Hebaiya we want to thank Oil Search and everyone involved in making this project a reality for the people and the community.”