Accident leaves one injured

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The National, Tuesday October 29th, 2013


A ROAD accident in Madang on Sunday left a man seriously injured and admitted at the Modilon Hospital. 

Police said a vehicle driven by a man hit a PMV bus at the RD Tuna Canners outside Madang. 

The man fled the scene and was chased by the PMV bus driver and others into town. 

The vehicle then hit a man identified as Sam Aimai at the Baidal roundabout.

According to his relative Camilus Wara, Aimai was walking along the road when the speeding vehicle hit him. He was walking with a woman and a child and pushed them away from danger when he saw the vehicle approaching them.

He said bystanders pulled the driver out of the vehicle and started assaulting him before two police officers saved him.

First Constable Conrad Kipandu and a colleague rescued Aimai and took him to hospital. But that was before they were stoned by the relatives who did not want them to help the driver.

“It’s my duty as a policeman to protect lives and properties. So I rescued the driver,’’ he said.

The driver is detained at Jomba police cells.