Accountability, transparency vital for growth

National, Normal

The National, Monday July 1st, 2013

 “FOR true development to take place there must be proper accountability and transparency in the way funds are allocated and managed,” a council aspirant for Ward 11 in the Labuta LLG of Nawaeb said.

Busi Esong, a young and ambitious leader, wants these traits of good governance to be the primary objective of all leaders at whatever level.

“Over many years, I have witnessed no proper acquittals or financial records on how funds that were earmarked for services in the villages. 

It is evident today that nothing tangible can be seen for the people nowadays.

“I have decided that as a young person in the community with my vast experience especially in organising youth activities, I want the funds to be implemented appropriately for people to benefit.”

He said with large allocation of funds directly to local level government it was the right time to have proper plans in place to ensure that these funds were utilised for the ultimate benefit of the people.

“I stand with three pillars of mine which I think will be used as a driving force for change in my ward council. 

“They are proper budget allocation, accountability of how funds will be used and equal participation and contribution in project developments and activities in the ward. 

“These pillars will be maintained by having each representative of youth, women, church and sport appointed and reporting to me on a regular basis on how funds have been allocated and managed within the respective areas they represent.”

“In that way, there is fair representation by the people in decision making and implementing of projects or activities that will benefit them and at the same time everybody will agree with each other that the intended services will be best for them always.”