Accountants not being served

Letters, Normal

The National- Friday, January 14, 2011

 I AM unhappy with the way the accountants registration board is dealing with accountants.

According to the Accountants Act every practicing account is required to register with ARB as accountant in employment, registered public accountant, registered company auditor and registered liquidator, among others.

The majority of accountants are currently working are not registered with the ARB, meaning they are operating illegally.

Can someone advise me who is responsible for ensuring that accounting services are properly monitored and controlled?

The ARB has not met in three years. Repeated calls have been made to certified practicing accountants Papua New Guinea and the ARB why regular meetings have not been held but none of them seems to come up with an appropriate explanation. Both are pointing fingers at each other

The former seems to be only interested in collecting huge fees from its members by conducting courses here and there while ARB does to seem be in existence at all.

The Auditor-General is the chairman of ARB while the president of CPAPNG is the deputy. The CPAPNG elected a new president last November  so can the new office bearers put their heads together  and do something about the welfare of its members. 

This will remove public perceptions that everyone is qualified to provide accounting services in any of the about four categories.





Port Moresby