Accused of hitting woman

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A VIGILANTE crowd chased and caught a man accused of hitting a woman with a rock in Port Moresby’s Waigani yesterday.
Police in a statement, said bystanders who witnessed the attack at the bus stop, chased the suspect and caught him near the Kone Tigers Oval.
“They flagged down a police vehicle and the suspect was bundled into the car and taken to the Waigani Police Station,” the statement said.
“The victim suffered a minor abrasion on her forehead.
“She refused to lay a complaint against the suspect as he is believed to be mentally unstable.”
Police said they would locate the suspect’s home and speak to his relatives to urge them to seek medical help for the man.
“We commend the community in Waigani for responding to this attack and we encourage other communities across the city to emulate such examples,” police said.
“Law enforcement is everyone’s responsibility.
“Together, we can make our community safe and secure.”