Accused of raping daughters

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A BOMANA Training College police officer was yesterday charged in the Waigani Committal Court with raping his two daughters aged 14 and 13 in his home in the college grounds.
Magistrate Tracy Ganaii read out the charges to the 40-year-old officer and adjourned hearing to May 3 for instructions on his police file.
The officer, from Central, is alleged to have raped his 14-year-old biological daughter and his 13-year-old adopted daughter on multiple occasions, which both minors could not remember the exact dates of the sexual attacks.
According to the police summary of facts obtained by The National, the officer started abusing his biological daughter between April 1 last year and March 16, and started abusing his adopted daughter in September.
It was alleged that on one occasion at about 7pm in their house, the officer caressed his daughter all over her body and asked her to sleep in his room but she refused.
The next day at about 8pm, he told his daughter to take her three-year-old sister to sleep in his room.
He went to his room where his daughter and her sister were lying on the bed.
As his daughter was leaving the room, the officer grabbed her and raped her, threatening to stab her with a knife.
On another occasion, the adopted daughter fell asleep while watching television in the living room. When she woke up at 3am, she found the officer’s hands over her waist, on her private part.
It was also alleged that the officer exposed his private part to his daughters on numerous occasions.
The officer was arrested and charged with one count of persistent sexual abuse and one count of rape.
His K1,000 bail was extended.


  • PLS mother’s,it shows that we don,t have to trust our husband anymore, but to have close watch on our daughters…

  • As a father, why should I do this to my own blood , my daughter. She sees me in my eyes for protection, trust and for her needs and even wants. I cherish and treasure my daughters more than my son because daughters are caring and will provide for me during my sunset times. An adopted daughter to me is a blessing and I would love to treat and respect her as what I would do to my biological daughter.
    I feel and empathize for the two (2) girls who have now disconnected their trust from this man. Both girls are now wondering as to whom they should turn to for fatherly love, protection and even for their basic necessities.

  • This officer does not need to be doing public services works. Police department must terminate him.

  • This lunatic father should not pay fine and let him face the equal justice of what he had done. Really sorry for the innocent daughters, may the good Lord grant you two peace.

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