Acknowledge God first


A FORMER judge has urged all Anglicans in Port Moresby to put God first and work together.
Port Moresby Anglican diocese chancellor Justice Sir Bernard Sakora told Chapel of the Good Shepherd parishioners at Begabari in Waigani on Sunday that Pentecost brings people together.
“One thread that goes through talking about the biblical aspect of Pentecost is unity, togetherness and celebrating together the coming of the Holy Spirit,” Sir Bernard said.
“You can’t celebrate Pentecost on your own.
“Pentecost is people coming together as one with unity of purpose.
“It is so relevant to our diocese in present times.
“Do the right thing, live together properly, respecting each other, and respect is of course not a one-way street.
“You give respect you get respect back, similarly loyalty, trust, there all two-way streets.
“You can’t demand respect, you can’t demand loyalty and trust. You have to give to receive.
“And unfortunately sometimes those of us in leadership positions forget that.
“We have to put God first. Acknowledge that God is bigger than us and the church is bigger than us.
“Sometimes we want to get in front of the queue and get up in front before God, which is not the right way.”

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