Act now to curb future outbreak

Letters, Normal

THE cholera outbreak in Morobe province has now spread to Eastern Highlands and Gulf provinces.
The Government needs to do more to contain it before the whole country is affected.
It is alarming to read about cholera cases spreading from one place to another.
The figure will continue to rise if nothing is done to address the situation quickly.
We are talking about a disease that kills within days, unlike HIV/AIDS which takes years.
Lae residents and settlers are living in fear.
So are the people in Goroka town.
Health authorities are conducting awareness on this disease which is good but what about the bulk of the people in the rural areas?
Cholera is an introduced disease.
How did it reach here?
The health authorities must find out how and when it started as this will prevent future outbreak.
The Government must put more money into the health sector.


Kevie B Costna