Act now to save people’s lives


I AM saddened to have read about the killings along the Sepik Highway in the past weeks.
Why are these law and order situations along the highway not addressed?
The killings would not have occurred if the governors of East and West Sepik and their MPs had attempted to address ongoing holdups.
The Sepik Highway belongs to everyone from Yangoru-Saussia, Maprik, Wosera-Gawi, Ambunti as well Nuku-Lumi. No one should feel threatened or intimidated travelling the highway.
I call upon the East and West Sepik governors with the MPs concerned to work with their respective provincial police commanders to address this issue as soon as possible.
If you had acted in response to past events along the highway, maybe those killings would not have occurred.
You should remember that your priority is the safety of your people in the two provinces.
The criminals who have committed such horrendous acts should not get away with these killings. Find them, tie them up and take them to jail
That will only happen if you parliamentarians sit with your police commanders and draw up a strategy as soon as possible.
If it means bringing in two mobile police units from outside the province to help capture those responsible for the killings then do it.
Criminals get bolder when you allow them to continue doing what they plan to do. Inaction or a delayed response will not help in this or other situations.
There have been talks on social media about a new barracks to be built somewhere close to the highway. But some of us are more concerned now about the immediate measures.
Something should be done quickly to stop those bad men who are harassing, threatening and killing hardworking people of the two provinces.
The victims are people who only want to do the best for their families. They are just bringing their cash crops down the highway to be sold in Wewak.
Please Sepik parliamentarians, wherever you are, you should act now. Your delay to act may mean more loss of lives.
Nobody wants more loss of lives.

PNG Patriot