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Robert Kennedy

Acting Chief Migration Officer Robert Kennedy yesterday appeared before the Committal Court in Waigani charged with abuse of office.
Kennedy 42, from Lupumanda village in Enga appeared before Magistrate Tracey Ganai.
He is alleged to have abuse his office as a senior public servant by asking Teddy Tasion of the Tasion Group of Companies for K5,000 in order to procure payments for the group.
It is alleged that on Dec 16 last year, Kennedy was exchanging texts with Tasion to establish contact when he asked for some assistance to meet air travel costs.
When Tasion allegedly asked Kennedy to meet him when he was free, the latter refused saying he was caught up in traffic and had no time.
He allegedly asked Tasion to send the money through the Salim Moni Kwik (SMK) transfer services to avoid people knowing about the transaction and to protect his name.
Tasion allegedly sent his driver to send the money through SMK service. But the money was never transferred due to transaction fees.
Tasion later found out that Kennedy had never gone on the trip and was instead texting from his office.
Kennedy was summoned to the Boroko police station where he was charged.
Magistrate Ganai converted his K2,000 police bail to court bail with the condition not to interfere with state witnesses.
The matter was adjourned to Feb 6.


  • Em nau….the real source of influx of aliens …take back PNG get rib of those working against the hand that feeds them!

  • Robert Kennedy is not fit to occupy a public office. His integrity is tarnished. He should be replaced immediately. Let someone with integrity lead the migration office. A test for Marape-Steven Government to walk the talk.

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