Acting governor wants Tari to lose ‘killing field’ tag


The image of Tari as the “killing field” of Hela must be erased, says acting deputy-governor.
Similar sentiments were shared by the mayor of Tari.
Acting deputy-governor Luke Panguma, who is president of the Hulia LLG and chairman of the law and order committee in the province said the image of the town and province was bad.
“Tari town belongs to Komo-Margarima, Koroba-Lake Kopiago and Tari-Pori,” he said. “Because of this, Tari town is becoming like a killing field to kill people. Police come, soldiers come, but nothing happens. The fighting and killings continue unabated.
“We have just lost a good, clean person, one of our councillors who was killed in Tari tTown last Friday.”
Panguma welcomed acting provincial police commander Martin Lakari bringing in the Mobile Squad 11 from Laiagam in Enga.
“I want them (MS 11) to round up those people responsible for killing the councillor as an example for Hela,” he said.
Panguma said a new magistrate must also be sent to Tari and the new jail at Hawa must be completed.
Tari Mayor Ken Arawi said he was very concerned at the increasing number of killings of leaders in the town.
“They (killers) do not care whether we are the governor or MP – they will just kill us,” he said.
“They kill people in Tari town just because of fighting in other parts of the province. I will give orders to police to remove all settlements in Tari town –which are full of bush knives and guns.”

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