Acting PM needs everyone’s support

Letters, Normal

The National – Monday, June 27, 2011

MANY people have written in to comment on the dismissal of Don Polye and William Duma from the cabinet.
Some criticised the action while others supported it.
Either way, the people should understand and appreciate one thing: the prime minister (or an acting one) has the authority to dismiss any minister from the cabinet.
Indeed, the prime minister should and must have such an authority if he is to lead the country effectively.
He will not be able to do so if he needs to get approval from parliament, the National Executive Council or any other body.
If such a situation was to persist, the prime minister would be compromised and ministers would not have to follow his instructions or toe the line.
The cabinet would indeed be a circus.
It would be made up of individuals who could in effect manipulate decisions to serve their own interests.
Political parties would also be wielding great power and the prime minister would be busy trying to maintain stability rather than lead the country.
PNG’s culture is unique and some aspects of it do more harm than good.
We all know that many people, if not most, vote according to their clans rather than on merit.
We have seen many failed politicians returning to the fold.
We hear many complaints against po­liticians from people who elected them in the first place, possibly more than once.
There is a saying that we are what we eat.
Likewise, we get what we deserve when we vote for people who are not leaders, who have no vision, or who are corrupt.
I am not suggesting that Polye and Duma are not leaders, have no vision or are corrupt.
But the acting prime minister has deemed it fit to remove them.
I am sure he has given the matter much thought, weighing the consequences before removing the two.
Sam Abal had the confidence of Sir Michael Somare.
Personally, I believe he has performed competently and should be given the opportunity to do what he thinks is best for PNG.
Instead of criticising and playing regional politics, we should support Abal during such a difficult time.
The prime minister is ill, a general election is due next year and the LNG project, which is of huge importance to the country’s future, is still struggling along because of landowner disputes and other is­sues.


Port Moresby