Action plans needed


THE whole world has declared war against Covid-19.
Since the first diagnose in China last December, it has claimed over 33,000 lives and infected over 700,000 people worldwide.
It is spreading at an exponential or astronomical growth.
The most danger part of it is airways compromise among other problems. The world is at war against this invisible enemy.
Many developing countries such as PNG lack necessary capacities in the medical fraternity and other relevant stake holders to handle such pandemic outbreak.
One case was confirmed in PNG.
More morbidity and mortality in nearby Indonesia and Australia.
High risk cases were already mapped out in PNG too.
There has been some screening at entry locations in Port Moresby and Lae.
Before it is too late following strategies need to be executed: pass laws and budget for this SOE; continue screening in all provinces for high risk; secure two million personal protective equipmwents; build temporary hospitals in all 22 provinces; buy 5-10 ventilators for all provinces; stock necessary medical supply for six months; repatriate people from urban area to villages; recall health workers and volunteers; daily meeting by Covid-19 committee in all provinces; work with world counterparts for vaccination; and, establish economy recovery plan and crisis mitigation centre in Papua NewGuinea.

Dr Hewali Hamiya,
Consultant Health System,
Management & Governance,
Former CEO- Hela PHA,

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